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Measuring for a Protector Set

It’s simple and quick on your end

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 12-15-2017

The procedure describe here was developed to facilitate getting the necessary dimensional information to me from which to produce a Protector Set for your plane. It really is as simple as tracing the needed parts of your plane and mailing them to me. See the video below for details.

What You Need

Video Tutor

We find that contractor (builder) paper works well for tracing. It is heavy enough, comes in several widths, is inexpensive and available at most home enters. It is always best to have a tracing on a single piece of paper. However, if needed you can securely tape two pieces of this paper together.

The tracing is best done with a simple felt tip marker with a regular tip. Using a big marker with the large, flat tips is far less accurate and makes this process more difficult than it needs to be.

Finally, it is best to do the wing tracing on a large, flat surface that lets you trace all around the wing without having to move it or the paper to complete the trace. After tracing the outline of the wing label the leading edge. Also, for two-piece wings, stand one up on the root, within the wing outline and trace down the top and bottom surfaces so I can determine the thickness and from that the needed thickness of the bag.

Tail Feathers

Tracing the vertical stabilizer and one of the horizontal stabilizers is most easily done using simple cardboard from a shipping box. Hold a sufficiently-sized piece of cardboard against one side and use the marker to trace around it. Again, label the leading edge. To make getting that info to me easier, you can cut the cardboard trace out and use that to reproduce the trace on the heavy paper. Trying to do the trace on the paper is very inaccurate and frustrating on a good day. Note on the paper what part the trace represents and indicate the leading edge.


Here again, using a piece of cardboard to trace the canopy profile is the easiest and most accurate. Start the trace a few inches in front of the canopy and continue it back to a few inches behind the canopy. As with the tail feather tracings, cut the canopy trace out and reproduce that trace on the paper to send to me.
Send the tracings to:

Tom Hintz,
4050 Ansley Ct
Concord, NC 28027

When I get the tracings, I will confirm that they are useable before contacting you so include your email address! At that point I will confirm the price and will issue an invoice using the PayPal as they are one of the most secure there is for both of our protection.

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