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Posted– 10-31-2017

Disclaimer: Before the rumor-mill goes stupid here is a bit of reality. Yes, I am still doing and my other sites. No, I didn’t croak, as frustrating that is to some. Yes, this is a site about sewing-related machines, supplies and techniques. And, yes, I’m still using glue to hold my planes together. Once we get past the “pull my finger” mentality the real world shows that a sewing machine has utility in the RC airplane shop. It was these far-reaching capabilities that gave me the idea for Of course, some will poo-poo this whole concept and we can only hope that they confine themselves to pulling each other’s fingers.

Basics and Beyond

As I did with and the initial focus of will be on the basics of the various sewing machines plus related equipment and materials. I know full well though that the focus will expand rapidly as the viewership grows and the input from viewers covers all experience levels and interests. My sites have always been viewer driven and barring a dramatic change in humanity I expect that will continue with I already have two sewing machines, an embroidery machine and a serger in the shop and have already used some of them and nobody has shown up demanding the return of my man card.

Masters of the Machine?

For as long as I can remember men have inserted themselves at the head of the machine-operating pecking order. This hierarchy is of course pure fantasy. We need only look back as far as to WWII when women in huge numbers replaced their male counterparts in factory jobs. The women took over running machines or all types, assembly-line jobs of all descriptions and building everything from Jeeps to tanks to multi-engine bombers.

Frequently the pilots who test flew military planes and delivered them to combat pilots were also women. Men will never take over sewing machines as a male-only domain but we might get women to give us a hand when one of these “machines” does something we don’t understand. At times, I think sewing machines do things wrong BECAUSE there is a man trying to run it.

Stay Tuned

I am still doing everything on my sites alone so it might take a little while to grow the range of content on I am well aware of the long hours needed to create the kind of content I want to present and am more than willing to keep at it as long as the health holds up. There is some thought that it is the work load itself that helps keep the mind working at its best.

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