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The size of your plane has little to do with the importance of protecting it!
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Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 12-15-2017 Protector Sets came about in part because of the updated sewing capabilities my new site,, added to my shop. also needs sewing-related content that making the Protector Sets supports as well. We are talking good sewing machines, not factory-like production. Protector Sets are made individually, by hand, by me. Consequently, this is not an overnight deal though I try to get Protector Sets as quickly as I can without compromising quality. One goal is to make enough of the Protector Sets to keep my brain exercised and to generate some working cash to keep my sites on the Internet. Getting rich on something like this isn’t in the cards. Protector Sets will not be cheapened in any way to pander to a “cheaper-then-thou” price point. I think my prices are fair for both of us, but you will make the final call on your end.

Protector Sets

All Protector Sets are made using a tough, light canvas outer layer, an internal layer of padding and a full flannel interior that is super friendly to most finishes and coverings I am aware of. On double wing panel bags, we add a flannel-covered, padded separator between the wings.

We can make Protector Sets to fit just about anything like the 10cc Valiant (left) to the giant Valiant (right). Damaging either one can ruin a day of flying, if not more!
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All the Protector Sets use full length (up to 3 yards long) metal-tooth zippers fitted with two sliders that work in either direction. These zippers are considerably more expensive than the cheapo’s out there but here again I will not cheapen the product. I want these to work right all the time.

Set Components Protector Sets consist of a wing bag, one bag for two normal wing panels, or one big wing bag for one-piece wings such as warbirds often have. We can produce two individual bags for planes with two wing panels if you like. Contact me for that pricing. Also included are two horizontal stabilizer covers and a vertical stabilizer cover, all made with the same three layers as the wing bags.

Finally, we include a canopy cover (sun protectors) that uses the same (matching) outer canvas shell and flannel interior to avoid scratching plastic canopy. The canopy covers do not have or need the center padding layer. There is a channel along the bottom edges of the canopy covers into which you can insert old bolts or weights to prevent it from blowing off in any reasonable wind. No canopy covers are included with Protector Sets for high-wing planes.

Because of the huge range of material quantities needed to accommodate some planes I will confirm the price when I see the dimensions and configuration you want. At that point, I can determine the yardage needed as well as additional labor necessary (if any) for that project.


I have basic embroidery and iron-on, vinyl lettering capabilities with which to personalize your protectors. Charges for that work is based on what you want and will be quoted before you complete the order. In most cases this work must be completed before we assemble the fabric layers, so we need to finalize these add-ons before work starts on your Protector Sets.

Warbirds often have one-piece wings that need a a very long bag like this one for my Top Flite giant p51. All of our bags feature one-piece, heavy-duty zippers, up to three yards long anyway.
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Available Protector Sets Protector Sets can be ordered for planes for which I already have templates. You can send me tracings from your plane as described in the Measuring story/video at the link below. We can work out a price for a Protector Set designed for your plane using your tracings.

The list of available Protector Sets will grow as I develop templates sets for what I think are popular planes. Those will be added to the available list and will be reflected on the pricing page at the link below.


Measuring for the Protector Sets – (video) Click Here Protector Sets List/Pricing – Click Here

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